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Greetings everyone, and thank you for visiting the site!  I am a surgical sub-specialist in a mid-west private practice, but I have practiced in many different systems and areas of the country. Like all of you, I went into medicine to help people, and this pursuit was formalized with medical training – many, rigorous years of it. Yet through the unique training pathway we have all taken few of us learned about the business side of medicine, being forced to learn on the fly.  I did this for years, but I later obtained my MBA and Lean Six Sigma training in order to formalize my business education.  This was an eye-opening experience.  Since then I’ve run a hospital department and have been private practice.

Learning about business and the healthcare marketplace has been fascinating, but whether you find it interesting to dive into the weeds or not we all must recognize that the business of medicine is important.  My philosophy is that we should all be bilingual – knowing the language of medicine and business – but recognize that our business acumen should serve the primary purpose of providing better care for our patients.

The reason I write anonymously as Medical Practice Geek is so I can provide a thorough and honest take on the topics I’ll cover without creating conflicts in my personal or professional life. My goal is to serve all of you and create a forum where we can help each other.  To the extent conflicts might hinder that goal anonymity will be necessary.

The Site
The idea for this website started a few years back when I shared a cup of coffee with a colleague.  Conversation turned to what the marketplace was like in his area.  While success stories were plentiful I was dismayed by how many practices were mistreating their younger physicians or carrying on bad business practices.  Sadly, his region is not unique.  We’ve all heard of or experienced the horror stories of bad practices – both from a professionalism and business standpoint.  We have invested far too much time and came to the table with too noble intentions to have our opportunity wasted by bad actors and inefficient business practices.  My hope is that this website can help you avoid pitfalls and be stronger leaders in your organizations so that your opportunity is not wasted.

Whenever I have turned to practice resources throughout my career I often found myself disappointed in the lack of transparency, detail, scattered nature of information, and/or cost. This website can hopefully serve as that central source of free and detailed information on the healthcare marketplace and practice management. I hope this effort will empower providers and practices alike to optimize their efficiency and allow us all to focus more on providing better value and care to our patients.

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If you are interested in writing a guest post please email me at mpg <at> medicalpracticegeek <dot> com. A post should typically have a 1,000 word limit, but exceptions can be made. The purpose of these posts are to allow my readers to explore topics of interest, highlight practice successes, or describe products that make our lives more efficient for optimal patient care.
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